Enhancing Academic Knowledge Dissemination: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Survey, Review, and Systematic Literature Review Articles


  • Hussain A. Younis College of Education for Women, University of Basrah,
  • Israa M. Hayder Department of CST, Qurna Technique Institute, Southern Technical University
  • Sani Salisu Department of Information Technology, Federal University Dutse
  • Muthmainnah Muthmainnah Universitas Al Asyariah Mandar Sulawesi Barat
  • Misbah Shahid Department of English, University of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • Hameed Abdulkareem Younis Department of Cybersecurity, College of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Basrah




Article, Survey, Review, A Systematic Literature Review, Steps


This article provides a comprehensive and concise guide to the distinct steps involved in
writing survey articles, review articles, and systematic literature review articles. These three types of
articles play pivotal roles in summarizing, analyzing, and synthesizing existing research, thereby
contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in various academic fields. For survey articles, the key
steps encompass topic selection, extensive literature review, logical organization, and critical analysis.
In contrast, review articles focus on selecting, summarizing, and evaluating pertinent research, while
providing context and addressing controversies. Systematic literature review articles demand a
methodical approach, beginning with a well-defined research question, protocol development,
comprehensive literature search, stringent inclusion criteria, data extraction, quality assessment, data
synthesis, and transparent reporting. This guide aims to assist researchers, scholars, and students in
navigating the intricate process of producing high-quality articles in these genres, facilitating
knowledge dissemination, and contributing to academic advancement. By elucidating the unique
requirements and methodologies associated with each type of article, this comprehensive guide
empowers writers to effectively communicate existing knowledge and enhance scholarly conversation
in their respective fields.


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